Once we have booked our session and worked together to agree the initial brief, we meet on the day where I will spend time to ensure that your animal feels at ease with me. Then and only then I will start to introduce the camera equipment so that they are comfortable. I use long lenses so don't need to be very close.

I usually prefer to come to you and take the photographs at a location that you know and are familiar with.This ensures that everyone feels comfortable with their surroundings and will look at the photography session as an enjoyable experience.

A session usually lasts between one and three hours. I will take many hundreds of images during a session in order to ensure that I capture all of the photographs needed to make sure we achieve that all important brief. I then go away and edit the photographs and post them in a special private gallery which is password protected,  giving you complete confidentiality. 

A session costs £149, this includes reasonable traveling time, working up and agreeing the initial brief, in addition to everything on the day through, through to the detailed editing based on the brief, and the password protected private gallery.

Once I have completed the editing process, the photographs will be uploaded to your gallery for viewing. I can also arrange to come and present the images in person if your prefer. You can then start to decide which images you would like to buy and we can agree how you would like these displayed in your home or presented, if they are a gift.

I only use leading edge professional printing partners, where colour calibration is done at least twice a day on equipment designed to reproduce images to the highest standards. Your images are mounted and displayed in a range of beautiful frames, manufactured to impeccable standards, all of which ensure that your treasured images remain as outstanding as the day you receive them........

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