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My passion for photography started in the 1980s, having saved up for what seemed like an eternity for my first camera. I’ve never looked back, always having a camera nearby and continuing to learn as camera and photographic technology has evolved.

Being a professional photographer is very rewarding as no two pictures are ever the same. Over the years I have been exposed to a broad range of training. I use the latest professional equipment and am a member of the Royal Photographic Society. I continue to develop my skills by attending courses and working alongside key professionals in the industry. You cannot afford to stand still in such fast moving profession!

My family - well I have twin boys, as well as a five year old English Springer Spaniel called Badger and Woody, a five year old Working Cocker, and Archie a 2 year old Working Cocker  My partner has two girls, a cat and a couple of tortoises so there's never a dull moment in our household! Spending as much time as I do around animals means that I appreciate how they behave. This helps me ensure I get the best from them in front of the camera.

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